Possible Owner Financing!

While mortgage rates are still near record lows, conventional financing isn’t necessarily for everyone. Many potential Oklahoma ranch buyers have existing mortgages on other properties, and may not choose to place additional equity (down payment) into a new ranch. That’s only one of several possible scenarios in which owner financing can be an essential element in your purchase strategy.

The Flying “W” Ranch is offering the option for owner financing to credit worthy purchasers. If you think this could be something you would like to discuss further, you can call Lee Selby at (918) 698-4635 with your questions. You may want to finance 80% of the purchase price with conventional financing, and some portion of the remainder with a mix of equity and owner financing. Having a seller who is willing to entertain alternative proposals is a value able benefit and can make purchasing your dream ranch a possibility.

The Flying “W” Ranch is an Oklahoma ranch for sale which includes the potential for owner financing.

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