A Few Thoughts About The Ranch

This blog is just a place where we’ll add a few thoughts and observations about the ranch that don’t fit neatly on the regular pages of the site. If you’ve reviewed the pictures and comments on the Summary page and the Key Facts page you think it might be a ranch you’d be interested, hopefully these blog pages will share a few new things to help you make up your mind. It’s truly a great piece of real estate, but not every property is ideal for every buyer, and maybe this will help you decide if this one is “for you”.

As you can probably tell, this might be characterized as an Executive Ranch. The home is not an old fashioned rambler, ranch style home. It’s got the amentities of something closer to a luxury home than a ranch home, i.e. jacuzzi tubs, fireplace in bedrooms, huge master bath suite, swimming pool in the back yard.

As mentioned throughout the site, the property includes 86+ acres, so it includes a substantial tract of land, and it’s in a beautiful, rolling setting. Another important feature that may have been overlooked is the fact that it has approximately 1/4 mile of frontage on the Grand River-Hudson lake. That frontage is a very appealing feature to many buyers.

There are plenty of Oklahoma ranches for sale, but not all are at this level of quality. If the executive ranch feel is something that you are looking for, you should at least come tour the Flying W Ranch.

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